Edrans AWS Connect Service Delivery

Edrans help customer service teams to innovate, leveraging the easy-to-integrate cloud-based and scalable Amazon Connect. 

Organizations running traditional contact center solutions face many challenges. Maintaining them usually takes longer to set up and cannot be scaled quickly to meet real-time demand.

Furthermore, these old traditional solutions prevent businesses to improve the value they provide over time as there are limited in terms of integrating or extending them with Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Edrans Amazon Connect Offering:

Edrans leverages Amazon Connect to deliver a self-service, cloud-based, highly scalable contact center service, enabling organizations to provide better customer service. With no upfront payments, long-term commitments, or infrastructure requirements, companies can pay by the minute. The only additional charge for utilizing this service will be the cost of telephone services.

Edrans extends the current Amazon Connect offering, so it becomes the next-gen omnichannel solution for organizations where customer experience comes first. Edrans offering leverage a feature-rich contact center that integrates with the existing database and web services applications, and can incorporate AI-powered conversational IVR.

Edrans team delivers on a global scale, provided the AWS Connect service is available in that region/country.

Main Features

Edrans integrates multiple components to enrich the overall Amazon Connect solution, including:

  • Customized IVR application development and integration to design, develop, and deploy Amazon Connect, IVR, Lex Chatbot, and conversational IVR application.
  • Integrations with other systems such as CRM tools or text messages over WhatsApp will be possible.
  • Customized application for Amazon Connect to tailor Agent Desktop development with AWS Connect softphone to display the caller data captured in IVR. It develops custom reports with granular-level call record data, customized to suit business needs.
  • Informative dashboard to display the status of the contact center. Edrans' team will design and develop a custom dashboard application to monitor the state of the contact center in near real-time.
  • Customized reporting to provide precise data of the caller. The reporting tool will give granular tailored reports. 
  • A virtual agent and bot solution enable Natural Language Processing based conversations on the IVR. AWS LEX, as a virtual agent, will be the first to answer customer's most common questions and forward those calls it is unable to handle to an available agent in your contact center team.

Edrans' Advantage:

With over a decade of experience in designing, deploying, and managing solutions on cloud, Edrans helped organizations from different industries such as insurance and on-line healthcare in implementing customized Amazon Connect contact centers. Edrans' Cloud Engineers provide a comprehensive roadmap to deliver business outcomes. 

Edrans is a Premier AWS partner and go-to strategic partner for AWS in Amazon Connect space.

For further queries and interest in our services, please contact the Edrans team at hello@edrans.com.

To learn more about AWS Connect, please visit  https://aws.amazon.com/connect/