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Puppet Architect

Learn firsthand best practices for managing your infrastructure with Puppet Enterprise. Install Puppet Enterprise, writing classes, and create modules.

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Edrans and Puppet: Partners Transforming DevOps

Edrans has formed a deep relationship with Puppet to bring transformative DevOps capabilities to their clients and community.


In this three-day course, students will start by installing Puppet Enterprise and then will learn Puppet best practices, use Puppet to write simple classes, and update and extend existing modules. Fundamentals will be taught through a combination of lecture and relevant, real-world, hands-on exercises. After completing this course, students will be able to deploy basic system configurations using best practices for Puppet in a Master-Agent setup.


After completing this course, students will be able to architect a robust Puppet infrastructure integrated with external tooling and scale up to meet growing business demands. They will be able to evaluate design patterns and workflow alternatives and develop policies that will work well for their own organizations.

  • Designing and implementing an efficient development workflow
  • Designing complex Hiera data source hierarchies
  • Sharing data between nodes via exported resources
  • Using MCollective from the command line to automate infrastructure orchestration
  • Estimating the number of nodes their Master(s) can support
  • Using r10k to automate Puppet code deployment
  • Dynamic provisioning strategies providing for rapid infrastructure scaling
  • Designing a scaled architecture for their infrastructure
  • Managing multiple Puppet environments in an effective manner
  • Interacting with the Puppet Master using the REST APIs
  • The underlying message passing protocol that MCollective is built on
  • Scaling the ActiveMQ messaging bus
  • Integrating Puppet with external tools via Hiera backends, report processors, etc.


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