The company

Partners for growth, allies for facing the next challenge. An IT, DevOps, and software consultancy with its eyes on the next game-changing technology.

The company

"Since 2009, committed to the next {innovation}"

Sitting still is not an option. Today’s world-changing technology will be tomorrow’s baseline. Edrans will have an impact for years to come by always growing, always learning. It is our commitment to ourselves.

Today, businesses are faced with a complex ecosystem of available technology. Edrans is helping clients around the globe craft solutions that get results. We improve their workflows, enable new audience experiences, and realize visionary new businesses. As new capabilities emerge, we will be ready to continue the innovation.

Technology, allied with humanity

It takes a cultural commitment to stay ahead of the crashing waves. As we deploy the current wave of game-changing technologies and techniques we are already thinking about the emerging methods for business transformation. Edrans partners with the most innovative organizations in DevOps, cloud, and other technologies. Our people participate in the thriving communities of innovators and keep learning.

Edrans began in 2009, the result of a fifteen-year professional friendship between our founders, Javier D’Ovidio and Martín Bianco.

The company
The company

A culture of results

Today, Edrans starts with listening and stays closely engaged. Our consultants and developers travel the world to bring their expertise, share in client successes, and master the latest wave of innovation.

We have never changed. We are committed partners for long-term success. We embrace the challenge and nimble solutions. We focus on people and business first, and then the technology.

We have never stopped changing. We adopt new technologies, new partnerships, and new responses to new obstacles.


Javier D´Ovidio


I live in Buenos Aires. Before creating Edrans in 2009 with Martin, I worked at Travelocity Europe with management responsibilities for,, Holiday Autos, Med Hotel and Online Travel. I was responsible for Incident Management in the event of outages with the platform. I was later part of the team responsible for IT planning and strategy. Before Travelocity Europe, I worked for Globant as part of the Live Site Support Team and before that for Telecom Argentina.

Martín Bianco


I spend most of my time in London, and from there, I stay close to our customers. Throughout my career, I specialized in maintaining and supporting complex IT infrastructures for critical systems. Before creating Edrans with Javier, I worked for where I was responsible for leading the migration of the company’s data centre from England to the United States, one of the most ambitious projects I had in my entire career. Previous to that, I worked at Globant as a Team Leader and Infrastructure Manager.