Sura didn’t want to simply provide their customers with expertise relating to investment banking, asset management, and insurance; they wanted to provide that expertise quickly and efficiently. With Edrans, they were able to implement AWS systems that reduced customer response time by an average of six minutes.

The Challenge

Streamline Claims Response
In order to maintain their reliability to individual clients even as they continue to grow their multinational reach, Sura needed the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to customer claims made via phone call. As Sura’s process stood, customers calling in had long waits before talking to a representative. When they finally got through, they had to
repeat basic claim information. Sura wanted a system that allowed them and their customers to lose as little time as possible.

Our Approach

To craft the streamlined, integrated system with a flow Sura could easily manipulate and modify, we utilized pre-existing software in addition to developing custom software. The new system collects information from callers when they first call, transcribes the information, and delivers it to the representative. The representative only needs to confirm that it is correct once they connect with the customer. We further implemented the ability to transcribe customers’ claims for future machine-learning.

The result

Quicker Claims Response
With Edrans’ help, Sura was able to see a quick change in the form of decreased customer wait times by an average of six minutes. Customers were able to see a smoother call process. And more time was spent by operators dealing with relevant financial claims, leaving the tech concerns to the tech services. Every call Sura fields going forward will help the system improve through machine learning. With the collaboration of Sura, their customers, and the technology Edrans made possible, they will continue to optimize the customer experience.

Technologies used

AWS Connect, AWS Transcribe, AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, AWS ECS, AWS Pipeline/Codebuild, AWS SQS, AWS API-Gateway, AWS Serverless, AWS S3

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