The Challenge

Leaving Legacy Components Behind to Thrive in the Cloud

Randstad always strives to stay ahead of the competition by harnessing the power of technology to focus on the needs of individuals and businesses. Randstad needed their software architecture to gain speed, while they also looked to take advantage of the broad spectrum of available cloud services. They realized that moving critical infrastructure components to the cloud would allow them to become more agile, contributing to their continuing success.

Our Approach

From Critical Components to Serverless Technology

Software components continually become obsolete, and sometimes upgrading them means shifting paradigms entirely. When Randstad’s upgrade was brought to Edrans, we realized that a shift to cloud technology would be perfect to give them the capacity they needed. We decided to use a serverless approach. Working with Randstad to understand the main components of the platform, we rewrote the most critical components. We also implemented an automated deployment pipeline for software releases.

The Technical Story

Edrans took Randstad serverless by building new components using Node.JS which runs on top of AWS Lambda with AWS API Gateway. This new approach led to the adoption of many new cloud technologies by Randstad.

An automated deployment pipeline for Randstad’s software reduces development time and release cycles.

The Results

Cloud Technology Provides Agility and Flexibility

Aligned on technical requirements and business objectives, Edrans moved some of the core technology components to a completely automated and serverless solution based on Amazon Web Services technologies. Randstad now leverages the latest programming languages and practices for their in-house development.

The Edrans team used a methodological approach, focusing on clear milestones. This helped the teams work together smoothly, enabling Randstad to learn about cloud technology, modern programming tools, and automated software delivery.

Other success stories

A British company that developed an application to help websites with a high volume of content to monetize the images. This way, it creates an interaction channel with the user, allowing to enrich the content with text, audios, videos or links to buy the product.

In 2009, Edrans implemented a monitoring system for Zappos, one of the most important shoes and clothing online store in the US.

PAMI (Por una Argentina con sus Mayores Integrados) brings social health services for retirees and pensionates. It has 4,500,000 members, 20,000 providers and 700 healthcare centers around the country.