The Challenge

New Growth Required Modern, Scalable Architecture.

As MyPoppins began to grow, it became apparent that their existing architecture wouldn’t handle more users and traffic. MyPoppins was a young company, but already they felt the need for a modernized cloud solution that was flexible and scalable.

The new technology would have to support continued development of an existing platform. It was time for their cloud architecture to stop being a hurdle and start being a tool.

Our Approach

Rethinking the MyPoppins Cloud Deployment.

MyPoppins’ cloud deployment strategy wasn’t keeping up. Their existing architecture was not only struggling under increased traffic and usage, but it lacked redundancy, security, and internationalization.

Edrans understood their needs immediately, and we set to work rethinking the MyPoppins approach to the cloud. We were able to utilize existing AWS elements and AMI configurations to move things along. We helped MyPoppins adapt their methodology to a scalable, load-balanced cloud deployment.

The Results

Cloud Architecture Helps a New Company.

With a new approach to their cloud architecture, MyPoppins now has a modern technology stack that will drive their business forward. Auto-scaling means they can grow their user base and continue providing excellent service.

Their Drupal applications are now automatically deployed through Jenkins capable of spanning multiple EC2 servers. This gives them the flexibility and scalability that they will need for their future growth.

Technologies used

Jenkins, AWS EC2 Instances, AWS Auto-Scaling Groups, AWS Launch Configuration, AWS Load Balancer, AWS RDS, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS S3, CloudFront

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