Challenge is less than one year old, but it is already determined to make history in the mobile app space. Conceived by OLX founders in early 2015, the Barcelona based startup received USD 100 million from Naspers, the South African media giant. Letgo was recently introduced into the US market through a prime-time TV advertisement campaign. In December 2015, the industry recognized it as "probably the best startup of 2015" (Source: Tech News Today). Precisely for what this landing meant, the company faced its major challenge: 10 months after its creation, it had to redesign a scalable, robust and safe infrastructure in record time that could guarantee a 0% downtime of its platform to address the concurrent big scale traffic that resulted from the launch campaign.

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To achieve this goal, convened Edrans to work with its technical team in order to get specialized know-how in the implementation of critical platforms and high transaction volume on the Amazon Web Services² cloud. Immediately, Edrans team met with Letgo´s DevOps staff and together made a thorough analysis of the infrastructure operation. The first goal was established: to support 30,000 concurrent users per second, according to the estimations of the company's business dynamics, and especially following the marketing and commercial expectations for this big launch. At this stage, it was essential to map where was positioned and where it wanted to go from there



  • On-demand infrastructure. Pay for what you need.

  • Scalability. High performance.

  • The elasticity of the IT platform.

  • Efficient distribution of tasks for the technical equipment

  • IT cost reduction

  • Security and reliability

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Other success stories

LaBioGuia, one of the most visited sites in Spanish, implemented AWS through Edrans, decreasing 50% of IT costs and optimizing the site performance to maximize the user experience.

Flixxo is a decentralized social video distribution network using BitTorrent protocols and blockchain to allow users to upload and share video content. Creators, viewers, and advertisers engage with each other directly using a cryptocurrency to monetize their work and incentivize the social network.

In 2014 Edrans implemented a series of improvements, which allowed to increase the efficiency in the management of the infrastructure for the BID ConnectAmericas social network.