Latinoconsult is responsible for auditing the street cleaning and garbage collection service on Zone 3 of Buenos Aires city. In July 2013, it required to upgrade their tool for capturing and managing the information used by their audit team in order to provide Buenos Aires authorities with a complete, user friendly report with easy access in real time to analyze in an efficient way the work done by the concessionaire for the garbage collection service and sweeping. In order to execute the project, Latinoconsult needed a technology partner to help design, develop and implement a new mobile application in the 60-days deadline defined by the government, with the flexibility demanded by a project with constant updates and changes.


Latinoconsult has a team of professionals and technicians which every day audit Zone 3 of Buenos Aires city. This area includes the districts of Soldati, Pompeya, Parque Patricios, Parque Chacabuco, Caballito, Almagro, Boedo and San Cristóbal. The daily round is divided in 3 shifts (morning, evening and night), the auditors are responsible for detecting deficiencies in the service provided by the concessionaires of the zone. With the objective of streamlining the auditing processes and use the functionalities of the new smartphones, the company started the search of a technology partner to develop a modern application to manage the data, which should be useful for both the audit team for their daily activities and the government authorities.

The development team was defined immediately and it was formed by 5 people whose first task was to analyze the information from the previous system and the deficiencies and reports of the database. Once this task was over, an action plan was developed to start coding the application in the agreed phases between the original estimates, ending with the test cases provided by the client. This new application was developed entirely by Edrans´ software factory in Buenos Aires, with open source technology.

The final result was a mobile application which allowed each auditor to complete the form for incidents observed, categorize it and take a picture of it with geolocation data with a 99% precision of the target area. When the process is finished, the information is sent to the central office where it is automatically saved in a central database. It then becomes graphic variables which can be visualized in the map of the zone that is being audited, in real time and via a web browser. This information is being monitored by the competent authorities of the Ministry of Environment and Public Space at the Buenos Aires City Government. This way, they can monitor the activity of their concessionaires at the audited zone, evaluate the efficiency of the service and take management decisions in a quick and consistent way.


  •  It simplifies the process and daily work. It's an action-oriented tool.
  •  More transparency in the management of the information.
  •  The client receives the information already processed, which allows them to take more and better management decisions.
  •  It has a friendly and intuitive user interface for the management of the information.
  •  It allows to have online reports, where information can be visualized right away with intuitive graphs. An audit tool with excellent performance that makes easy to detect where the problems are in a timely manner, evaluating the work done by the auditors and the concessionaires.

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