The Challenge

In the Race for Readers, La Nación Looked to The Future

The news is a fast-paced business. La Nación needed their technology to keep up with the world of media.

La Nación wanted to keep providing their users and club members with the best online news service, but their infrastructure was limiting their capabilities. In the struggle to stay current, they wanted the agility to confront new challenges.

It was crucial that they show their customers and clients that La Nación could provide engagement and relevance as user expectations changed.

Our Approach

Leveraging AWS for a complete refactoring.

To modernize the La Nación technology stack, performance was just as important as scalability.

The project had an aggressive timeline, so delays were not an option. In addition to completely refactoring the La Nación application, we worked with their infrastructure team to educate them on the new technology.

AWS provided the backbone we needed for the solution. It was a resounding success. We delivered ahead of schedule and the new architecture performed as promised.

The Result

Ready to Level Up

By levelling up their technology to current industry standards, La Nación gained agility, performance, and complete autonomy. Their new AWS-backed application stack serves both everyday customers and Club La Nación members efficiently and effectively.

Thanks to the knowledge transfer from Edrans, La Nación’s infrastructure team is ready to move into the future with a modern IT framework and a powerful web and mobile presence.

Technologies Used

AWS Lambda, AWS Elastic Search, AWS API Gateway, AWS CloudFront, AWS S3, React, AWS Elastic Container Service, Apache PredictionIO, the Universal Recommender engine, AWS Simple Notification Service, AWS ECS Cluster, Jenkins, HashiCorp Terraform, Serverless


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