In August 2013, the Interamerican Bank of Development (BID) undertook the creation of ConnectAmericas, the first social network for businesses of the Americas dedicated to promoting international trade and investment among the SMEs of the continent. A large-scale project for the entity. It started with a company responsible for the development of the software and the infrastructure. This company subscribed to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to install the project on a 100% cloud base environment. “With the project already in progress, we noticed that the AWS implementation was far from being ideal: the idle capacity of servers involved an unnecessary expense, the infrastructure was not ready to respond to sudden increases in traffic and the security of the platform didn't offer any guarantees”, explains Gaston Tchicourel, who was responsible for the technical aspects of ConnectAmericas.


With the idea of optimizing the performance of the infrastructure for the project, CA consulted with Edrans. Rapidly, the company started developing a diagnosis of the situation and began to implement a series of improvements, which led to a radical increase in the infrastructure and management efficiency. The work carried out included the activation of alert systems, security patches and optimization of the operating systems and databases. Every component was integrated into a Virtual Private Cloud to control and restrict every access. The use of each server was analyzed with the objective of reducing its idle capacity to the maximum. Instead of being up indiscriminately, Edrans identified those that worked 24 hs, 7 days a week, and decided to make a capacity reserve. Those that operated on-demand were turned on depending on the necessity of consuming those resources. A monitoring/alarm system was implemented to detect spikes on traffic and to anticipate the addition of new servers to provide service without downtime. “All changes implemented by Edrans allowed us to optimize notoriously the capacity, performance and cost and increased the overall security of the platform. Thanks to those changes, today we have an uptime of 99.95% and we can guarantee the stability of ConnectAmericas to keep on growing and offer more services to the SMEs of the continent”, said Tchicourel.


Due to the implementation of best practices in the management of the Cloud infrastructure, the average OnLoad times for all pages of ConnectAmericas were reduced between 45% to 50%. The control of the capacity of the servers led to an annual cost reduction estimated at 62%. Overall, the level of optimization and predictability of the present system guarantees that the servers won't go down in case of sudden increases in traffic, giving space for an accurate planning of the future. ConnectAmericas continued to incorporate added value to the platform and integrated Edrans in the area of ConnectAmericas Customer Support to replicate the model implemented in the infrastructure of the platform. The results obtained in terms of channels, processes and protocols managed to surpass the expectations.

Solution in numbers


reduction in the OnLoad time of the website


estimated annual cost reduction for Cloud Services


less servers

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