Deploying a mobile solution requires both knowledge and discipline. The team needs to focus on the end result and the customer experience. Edrans clients deploy applications their users don't just adopt, they embrace.

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Bring Delight and Ease

The mobile development world is, to say the least, dynamic. New technologies, capabilities, and partners appear constantly. An experienced team knows to evaluate and architect not just for now but for long-term growth.

User experience determines mobile application success. With Edrans as a partner, companies are able to provide mobile experiences that are easy for users to adopt and enjoyable to use.


Think Global {Act Mobile}

Mobile is rife with opportunity, but it is a confusing ecosystem. New devices, new technologies, and new vendors are coming to market every day. To make experiences that will resonate today and grow into tomorrow's needs, Edrans staff challenge themselves to stay on top of the ever-evolving mobile technology ecosystem.

To win at mobile, you need to be prepared for change. Edrans clients are able to be nimble and responsive to markets and users by a utilizing the best technology stack and process.



For Mobile, the Stack Matters

What technology you run under the hood determines reliability, performance, and security for a mobile application. What process you employ to learn about users, so you can deploy an app that works the way they think, will determine adoption and growth. 

Edrans clients are enabled for growth with infrastructure, software, and process that is ready for their success. 

Success stories

La Nación is Argentina’s leading newspaper. It covers political, sports, and entertainment news. Their online presence provides content to both desktop and mobile users. They provide additional shopping, discount, and news services to members of Club La Nación.

Metzoo helps the world save water and energy by improving the way agriculture uses technology. With the right information at hand, farmers make faster, more accurate assessments and use resources better.
With custom hardware and software, Metzoo uses artificial intelligence to process a wide range of farming data. Managers and farmers get real-time information on crop health and resource consumption.

Edrans developed a mobile application to audit the streets cleaning and garbage collection in the City of Buenos Aires, with the objective of having access to precise, agile information - and specially in real time - about the service provided by the concessionaire company, allowing the creation of dynamic and visual reports so Government authorities could make decisions more efficiently.