Internet of things

Edrans clients are innovating in the IoT space, realizing visionary business ideas with reliable technology that reaches across platforms and networks.
We are the ally they turn to for the out-of-the-box thinking their cutting-edge ideas require.

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Build for Users {and for Business}

IoT success depends on good execution. For the users, it needs to be efficient and reliable so that they don’t even think about it anymore. It just works. All the elements across the system need to respond regardless of network hiccups, edge cases, and demand.

For a business, execution is about time to market. Their vision needs to be made real and be out in the market getting things done. Edrans knows how to coordinate with business demands to develop software, infrastructure, and hardware that will get the project to market.

 What and Why...

Edrans and their clients partner closely across projects. By bringing experience and an understanding of technical capabilities, Edrans can enhance the planning and ultimately the final product. With our end-to-end commitment to projects, the efforts are all driven by a heads-up, business-minded approach. 

The work of software development is really the creation of experiences, particularly for world-changing ideas like IoT. The outcome of projects will reflect the respect the team shows for the users and audience. 


…To Done and Launched

With an end-to-end mindset, Edrans brings IoT projects to market promptly and intelligently. The goal is customer delight, effectiveness, durability, and profitability. The technique is a good process and committed partnership. 

IoT involves a blend of disciplines. Projects require software, hardware, networking, mobile, user experience, and of course security. Edrans brings everything to the table and works with their IoT clients to make the project come alive.

IoT in the {Agricultural} Field

Metzoo had a vision of agriculture transformed by data. Bringing real-time information to decision makers helps farmers use their resources better and more responsibly. By helping not only with software and infrastructure but also with user experience, big data, and hardware design, Edrans helps Metzoo to bring dynamic new tools to farmers.

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Success stories

Metzoo helps the world save water and energy by improving the way agriculture uses technology. With the right information at hand, farmers make faster, more accurate assessments and use resources better.
With custom hardware and software, Metzoo uses artificial intelligence to process a wide range of farming data. Managers and farmers get real-time information on crop health and resource consumption.