Edrans clients build, maintain, and evolve software to respond to changes and opportunities. Edrans DevOps culture and experience in cloud capabilities keep those businesses positioned for the next opportunity.

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Thinking About the Next Release {and the Next, and the Next…}

Software today is not a single project with a single date of completion. As a business learns and grows in response to changing environments, our technology must change to stay relevant.

Edrans software projects are end-to-end relationships. Building software should be a way to strengthen a company’s abilities and strengthen their bond with audience and customer.


DevOps {from the Ground Up}

DevOps (the unification of software development and software operations) is an enabling culture that has bonded technology more closely to business needs and delivered more ongoing value from technology efforts.

Edrans is built with a DevOps mindset. Creating code and delivering applications are not separate projects. When composing the application, we are thinking about the experience, resilience, and of course the ability to scale when opportunities arise.



Design for Growth

Clients come to Edrans with new ideas. We are a nimble, informed, and resourceful ally. Together, we take that new idea to market. Having designed for growth, when opportunities arise, we are positioned to respond.

Clients come to Edrans with new challenges. We can develop solutions to evolve existing applications and—always—prepare for the next challenge.

Together, we position the software to respond to the business need—not the other way around.

Flixxo: Innovate Everything

Flixxo isn’t just changing the way creators share their work; the company is also taking blockchain and cryptocurrency to new applications. With Edrans, they built a viable product in record time and successfully launched a record-breaking funding round.


Success stories

Flixxo is a decentralized social video distribution network using BitTorrent protocols and blockchain to allow users to upload and share video content. Creators, viewers, and advertisers engage with each other directly using a cryptocurrency to monetize their work and incentivize the social network.

Metzoo helps the world save water and energy by improving the way agriculture uses technology. With the right information at hand, farmers make faster, more accurate assessments and use resources better.
With custom hardware and software, Metzoo uses artificial intelligence to process a wide range of farming data. Managers and farmers get real-time information on crop health and resource consumption.

Dedicated to Improving Education
Loosely translated, CIMA means Information Center for Improvement of Learning. The mission statement is simple: Fill the data gap. To achieve this goal, CIMA promotes and enables comprehensive, evidence-based analysis that can positively impact Latin American and Caribbean education policy.