Business leaders do not combine software development and IT operations into DevOps just to make a neat new word. DevOps is the discipline that realizes the promise of today’s technology. Project success comes from collaborative and responsive teams. Edrans leads with DevOps.

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Be Nimble, {Be Powerful}

Some people think of DevOps as coming from IT. However, DevOps is a business tool. By speeding deployment cycles and increasing automation, a technology team quickly fulfils on new initiatives and operations refinements. 

Edrans customers see the commitment to efficient technology as a readiness for whatever is coming next.

Commitment and Communication

DevOps is not something you can point at. More than a job role or even a specific process, DevOps is executing on a commitment to better software (and better customer experience).

Edrans opens up lines of communication across teams and builds automation into a design. The commitment does not end at launch, we have to be looking to the next challenge. As we build and deploy, we test, measure, and respond.


Leaders {in Learning}

DevOps is never done and neither is our learning. Edrans is a leader in DevOps culture. Our people organize meetups to foster the community. Edrans offers high-level training that enables teams to adopt the tools and processes of DevOps. We travel around the world to speak and participate in the conferences that are shaping tomorrow’s technology.

Success stories

La Nación is Argentina’s leading newspaper. It covers political, sports, and entertainment news. Their online presence provides content to both desktop and mobile users. They provide additional shopping, discount, and news services to members of Club La Nación.

Sura is a multinational financial holding company, one of a select group globally to represent the Dow Jones Global Sustainability Index for careful adherence to sound environmental, economic, and social financial practices.

Flixxo is a decentralized social video distribution network using BitTorrent protocols and blockchain to allow users to upload and share video content. Creators, viewers, and advertisers engage with each other directly using a cryptocurrency to monetize their work and incentivize the social network.