Around the world, around the clock, Edrans clients are attacking the greatest challenges of today—How to cost-effectively scale, increase reliability, and speed to market faster.

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Get Over It {And Move On}

When an Edrans client discovers a challenge, we team with them to discover a solution. We match the right experts with the technology in use and determine a path forward, engaging with internal teams to get the best out of everyone.

Challenges make us better. The key is to respond with enthusiasm and teamwork. Edrans provides the capabilities with a business needs to see a new perspective and envision a new horizon—then deliver the technical expertise to reach it.

It’s About You

Technology consulting is not about the technology. It needs to be about the client, the business, the customer. We bring our team’s capabilities to your organizations and we listen to the business. Instead of solving the same problems over and over, we expand our client’s abilities with a process and internal training.

When facing an opportunity or an obstacle, Edrans clients embrace the challenge. We are there to help them bring out their best.


Around the World, Around the Clock

Our clients are in every time zone, at every latitude. They all share one thing, though: they are bringing their new ideas to market. Obstacles to their vision are evaporating.

Edrans sustains client relationships long term. As new challenges appear, they know that Edrans has the enthusiasm and expertise to bring value.

A Decade of Contribution

In 2009, the innovative online retailer Zappos asked Edrans to implement a monitoring solution to increase the performance and reliability of their mission-critical cloud services. Today, Edrans remains an involved partner in Zappos new initiatives as they continue to grow and innovate in dynamic markets.


Success stories

Karumi is an international code and training consultancy. Their clients maintain long-term relationships with Karumi for the development and ongoing innovation of mobile and enterprise applications.

Discreet and Convenient Online Healthcare
Zava provides doctor- prescribed treatment with complete confidentiality. They save patients time and embarrassment by delivering treatment right to their doors.

Dedicated to Improving Education
Loosely translated, CIMA means Information Center for Improvement of Learning. The mission statement is simple: Fill the data gap. To achieve this goal, CIMA promotes and enables comprehensive, evidence-based analysis that can positively impact Latin American and Caribbean education policy.


Modern Infrastructure is becoming more complex nowadays. Moving away from monolithic services to micro-services requires tooling to help us provision and connect several components securely and seamlessly.

AWS Solutions Architects have years of experience architecting solutions across a wide variety of business verticals and use cases.
The AWS Well-Architected Framework documents a set of foundational questions that allow you to understand if a specific architecture aligns well with cloud best practices.