Big data

What is your big idea for Big Data? Today, large data sets and unparalleled data capabilities are readily available. Every market, every business is seeing the possibilities.
Edrans clients leverage that intersection with reliable, fast, and meaningful applications.

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The {New} Information-Driven Business

Diverse information sources, broad views, confident analytics: Big Data promises a huge shift for forward-thinking businesses. However, Big Data is not easy to implement. The tools of Big Data such as Hadoop, Map Reduce, graph databases, multi-model and semantic approaches to data are all in themselves complicated topics.

Realizing new customer experiences, new insights, and entire new lines of business, Edrans is an experienced partner who brings complex Big Data projects to production.

Taking on Every {New} Challenge

Realizing Big Data project results requires synthesizing not just complex data streams but also complex tools. Edrans is a nimble organization that jumps on the next challenge instead of settling on yesterday’s process. Our staff combines an already deep well of knowledge with a culture of intellectual curiosity and resourcefulness.

Edrans listens to the business need, then contributes new ideas and experience to design and deploy applications capable of transforming a business or an entire market.


New Opportunity From Maximized Capability

To stay innovative, you need a strong foundation. The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) integrates data from diverse sources, including third-party APIs. API calls were a choke point that slowed the web application and complicated further development.

Edrans saw that increase performance and simplicity would enable this important client to expand their service. They implemented a multi-layer database and caching, they sped up the application and simplified future development.

We Start With the Idea

The first step in developing for Big Data is the idea. Do you know what you want your data to do? Are you imagining new information-driven capabilities? Edrans has contributed to projects from the very start, helping to refine the process and product with their own insight. We would love it if you reached out to start a conversation.


Success stories

La Nación is Argentina’s leading newspaper. It covers political, sports, and entertainment news. Their online presence provides content to both desktop and mobile users. They provide additional shopping, discount, and news services to members of Club La Nación.

Metzoo helps the world save water and energy by improving the way agriculture uses technology. With the right information at hand, farmers make faster, more accurate assessments and use resources better.
With custom hardware and software, Metzoo uses artificial intelligence to process a wide range of farming data. Managers and farmers get real-time information on crop health and resource consumption.

Dedicated to Improving Education
Loosely translated, CIMA means Information Center for Improvement of Learning. The mission statement is simple: Fill the data gap. To achieve this goal, CIMA promotes and enables comprehensive, evidence-based analysis that can positively impact Latin American and Caribbean education policy.