Artificial intelligence

Alexa was just the beginning. Artificial intelligence (AI) and the related technologies like machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) are touching daily life and the inner workings of a business.
It is within reach. You can bring these capabilities into your organization. Edrans is an experienced ally you can look to for help.

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Be Smart {About Artificial Intelligence}

Not just in chess matches and laboratories, AI is proving valuable in the marketplace. Business is seeking allies that can understand how AI will affect their market or their operations – and then help them get ahead of the curves. 

Edrans is a nimble ally who can help them craft AI applications and then deliver those projects to market. They want to ask the question that starts with “Could we…?” and launch their organization to a new level of excellence.

{You Can} Learn With Alexa

With cloud services like AWS that offer affordable, powerful services using the same AI technology that is driving their own transformation, Edrans clients are evaluating the way to maximize this innovative–and ever-expanding–opportunity. 

With readily available natural language, machine learning, and conversational interfaces, the possibilities are vast. Edrans is a partner that brings together images of what could be an understanding of what it takes to bring it about.


Build, Train, Deploy, {Smile}

Artificial intelligence is here, today. Edrans is deeply embedded in the communities that are innovating these new applications. Our instinct to share knowledge connects us with the rich partnerships and capabilities. When our clients ask, “Could we?” We say, “Let’s do it.” 

Edrans brings AI to customer service, trend analysis, and automation.

Find Out the Latest

AI capabilities and applications are coming online every day. If you want to see how they are impacting your industry, consult with Edrans. We stay on top of the use cases, implementation, and technologies that you can use to change your customer service, business intelligence, and software.  



Success stories

La Nación is Argentina’s leading newspaper. It covers political, sports, and entertainment news. Their online presence provides content to both desktop and mobile users. They provide additional shopping, discount, and news services to members of Club La Nación.

Sura is a multinational financial holding company, one of a select group globally to represent the Dow Jones Global Sustainability Index for careful adherence to sound environmental, economic, and social financial practices.

Metzoo helps the world save water and energy by improving the way agriculture uses technology. With the right information at hand, farmers make faster, more accurate assessments and use resources better.
With custom hardware and software, Metzoo uses artificial intelligence to process a wide range of farming data. Managers and farmers get real-time information on crop health and resource consumption.