After more than 6 years working with Amazon Web Services, we began 2016 with one of the most important categories for Amazon on their Partners ecosystem. Another step which allows us to share our efforts and get the best technologies for our clients.

A big news to start the year: We obtained the category of "AWS Value Added Reseller Partner". This means when a client acquires AWS services through us, it is acquiring the technology plus the added value of our experience providing end to end support, from the sales process up to the implementation of solutions. For the client, this means a simplification and a guaranty through the process of adopting AWS solutions.

Since Amazon Web Services (AWS) saw the light in 2006, more and more companies have been adopting their services and have been quickly developing local teams to help their clients to work in "The Cloud".

The same way the number of clients has been growing, the AWS partners ecosystem has been quickly growing too

Basically, the AWS partner ecosystem is composed of two categories, Independent Software developers (ISV) and systems integrators (SI), on which the company has been doing big investments. The Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN), a channel program which has the objective of offering partners all the technical information and the support through the sales process and marketing initiatives to increase the business with AWS

As part of the APN, partners can get one of four levels which evaluates their qualifications. The four levels are Registered, Standard, Advanced and Premium (Value Add Reseller Partners).

At Edrans, since 2009, as Amazon Web Services Partners, we have been transforming big traditional IT infrastructures into intelligent cloud platforms. Over the years, some of our clients: PAMI (Argentina), La, and ConnectAmericas have been able to get the best performance and solutions by working with cloud infrastructures.

This year, and with this new category, we are closer to our clients to guide them in the implementation of AWS technologies, from the very beginning of the project until the very end, providing solutions on each stage.

It may be of your interest

In December 2019, Edrans went successfully through an the Managed Service Provider (MSP) audit. This new state strengthens our APN credentials and prepares the company to start 2020 in the best possible way.

Edrans has been announced today, December 3rd 2019, that it has capabilities to support AWS Outposts. As an AWS Outposts Partner, Edrans is able to help AWS customers overcome challenges that exist due to managing and supporting infrastructures both on-premises and cloud environments and deliver positive outcomes at scale.

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