Edrans Gold Sponsor

On April 28, Buenos Aires will host its first AWS Summit. Edrans will be present as a Gold Sponsor, presenting a success case: Trocafone. Amazon Web Services summits are free all over the world and they have an objective, both to educate new users of the cloud service platform as well as to show existing clients the best practices about services architecture and get into details over the last features launched.

Edrans has the pleasure to be one of the Gold Sponsors, which allow them to present the success case about Trocafone and the implementation and automation of its cloud infrastructure using Amazon Web Services using AWS.

Trocafone is an Argentinean company which is also present in Brazil and it defines itself as a e-commerce platform: The company buy used phones to users, they refurbish them and then sell them with a guaranty.

Opposite to what happens with other e-commerce platforms, Trocafone is responsible for the entire process, "assuming the responsibility of both, the purchasing as well as the sales. Is not only an intermediary, they offer a personalized service and a very strict tracking".

Subscribe and join us in the Summit: http://aws.amazon.com/es/summits/buenos-aires/sessions/

It may be of your interest

In December 2019, Edrans went successfully through an the Managed Service Provider (MSP) audit. This new state strengthens our APN credentials and prepares the company to start 2020 in the best possible way.

Edrans has been announced today, December 3rd 2019, that it has capabilities to support AWS Outposts. As an AWS Outposts Partner, Edrans is able to help AWS customers overcome challenges that exist due to managing and supporting infrastructures both on-premises and cloud environments and deliver positive outcomes at scale.

Galicia Bank and La Nación newspaper every year present the awards and special mentions for companies exporting their products and services.