Edrans Achieves AWS Premier Partner Status in Record Time. The achievement has been officially announced during 2018 re:invent Global Partner Keynote

Edrans’ Distinctive Style Shines Through in Rapid Achievement

Edrans announced today that it has achieved the top-tier AWS Consulting Partner status, having been designated as a Premier Partner after completing the rigorous process in just eight months. Becoming the only Premier Partner in the Spanish speaking Latin America.

“We were told to expect it to take between one to two years to get the qualification, but because we were already working using the practices defined in the Well Architected Framework and had been closely partnering with AWS teams, we took on the challenge of completing the process faster,” said Javier D’Ovidio, Edrans’ cofounder and director of operations.

Fewer than 100 companies globally qualify for Premier Consulting Partner status, and many of those are business consulting firms with broad offerings. Edrans stands out for its focus on bringing an intimate knowledge of technology to business problems.

“Just like the certification process, we can solve our customer’s problems faster because we bring an understanding of technology—its possibilities and its limitations — to the early conversations. We quickly bring the best available solutions to our client’s projects,” said D’Ovidio.

From the beginning, Edrans has partnered closely with AWS to bring clients the best solution for long-term success. The Edrans motto, “back to back,” represents its commitment to open communication with partners and clients. 
“When we are open with each other, when we explore the possibilities together, we can achieve much more. That is what we mean by ‘back to back,’” said Edrans’ cofounder and technology strategist, Martín Bianco.

To qualify, AWS Premier Partners have to show competence in DevOps and at least one other areas. Edrans chose the most difficult qualification, migration, as the second competency. The third-party auditors found no issues with their process or capabilities. 

“Again, I think that our ongoing relationship with the staff at AWS has helped us form thorough understanding of best practices and trained us to tightly integrate our process,” said D’Ovidio. “It is frankly what our clients have come to expect from us.”

La Nación turned to Edrans to refactor its digital services and enable more customer interaction. “It was an important achievement for Edrans to accomplish each stage of the project without postponing any tasks, and even go live before the deadline. They showed commitment to each goal, approaching each with the needed priority and professionalism,” said Jorge Ross, La Nación project manager.

Edrans has always brought to bear the best and latest technologies for its clients’ business problems. Becoming an AWS Premier Partner increases that ability; Edrans will get early access to features and be able to employ them faster and more effectively. Edrans foresees new and emerging AWS technologies changing the game for growth-oriented businesses.

“We think of ourselves as a part of our client’s growth strategy. Getting competency and experience with new AWS technologies extends that ability. We are already employing their new artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language capabilities for our clients,” said Bianco. 

Staying in the exclusive Premier Partner club is just as hard as achieving it. To maintain AWS Premier Partner status, Edrans will be audited annually for practices, competencies, and the amount of consulting the company provides. Businesses who choose Edrans can be assured that their services are informed by best practices and proven experience.

But Edrans has always been something more. As the technology ally for game-changing businesses, Edrans will continue to take on the toughest challenges, the greatest problems. 

“Our goal continues to be the greatest technology consultants in the world, taking on the hardest projects and showing the greatest value for our business clients. AWS recognition is a powerful tool for us to help our clients grow,” said D’Ovidio.


About Edrans
Edrans is a technology consulting company with offices in London and Buenos Aires. Edrans is a partner for growth-oriented companies seeking the next challenge. 


Javier D’Ovidio

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In December 2019, Edrans went successfully through an the Managed Service Provider (MSP) audit. This new state strengthens our APN credentials and prepares the company to start 2020 in the best possible way.

Edrans has been announced today, December 3rd 2019, that it has capabilities to support AWS Outposts. As an AWS Outposts Partner, Edrans is able to help AWS customers overcome challenges that exist due to managing and supporting infrastructures both on-premises and cloud environments and deliver positive outcomes at scale.

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