Cloud strategy

The cloud is undoubtedly a part of your future the only question is how. Every business will have a different, unique answer. Edrans customers don't just use the cloud to solve today's problems, they position themselves to be ready for tomorrow's challenge.


When the challenge appears, Edrans joins with their clients to take it on. We enable organizations to do their best work by bringing our own.

Cloud Migration

It’s the destination, not the journey; Edrans clients get the most out of cloud technologies by realizing value quickly.


DevOps is not technology—it is the discipline that allows for adaptive business


Scaling, security, and deployment; readying the business for tomorrow with an automation-first mindset. Learn how Edrans sees automation as innovation.

Across industries,
Edrans customers
are building for
the future

  • eCommerce
  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Telecommunications
  • Media and communications
  • Agriculture

"A comprehensive and elegant solution...

Karumi needed to use the cloud to get the most out of its code with faster and more repeatable execution and configuration. Its goal was that automation added rigour to its security practices. Edrans helped the company lay the foundation of the infrastructure as a code, which makes any project more fluid and valuable.

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